Our products can be built by 2 people with some proficiency of DIY. There is nothing more satisfying than standing back at the end of the build and admiring your handy work. However, we realise that it is not always feasible for you to do it yourself so we offer a full installation service*.

The benefits:

Piece of mind. The factory trained installation team have built lots of cabins and you will be amazed at the speed and quality of their work.
 No blisters, no backache, no sweat! We arrange the unloading to location. Then the team will work through until finished.
 It’s quicker! The installers work in teams have the latest tools and techniques and are regularly in the factory to understand the manufacturing process.

The cost:

If you select installation at time of delivery it will be cheaper. Just email or call us to confirm an installation date.
 If you want installation after delivery it is more expensive as we have to charge the cost of the travel again.
 Prices are available when you make your order.

How to order:

To order at time of purchase then simply include this in your order email. We will then contact you to arrange a suitable time for delivery and installation
. To order installation after your cabin has been delivered, please call or email us.

* Terms and Conditions

Installation is subject to correct site preparations, favourable weather conditions, and travel conditions.

Standard Installation does not include Base Works, Treatment, Guttering, Insulation, Lighting, Security, Modifications etc. Please request specific prices for additional options required for installation.

We reserve the right to charge a fee if the solid base has not been laid prior to the appointment which results in us having to re-visit at a later date. We do not offer a base laying service at this time.

Although planning permission is not usually required, it is YOUR responsibility to check such regulations and requirements prior to our visit. Your local planning office should be able to help.