LCNI 0009 5mx9m Garage

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Product Description

Garage 5.0m x 9.0m (29.53′ x 16.40′)
45 Square Meters
Model:  LCNI 0009 Macosquin


Wall Profile: 44mm, 70mm
Width: 9.0m
Depth: 5.0m
Wall Height 2.2m
Ridge Height 3.2m

Also Included With This Log Cabin:

19mm thick tongue and groove roof boards
5 x fixed letterbox windows 1120mm x 560mm
2 x single door 1930mm x 830mm*
3 x door openings 2500mm x 1930mm.

Our garages do not come supplied with garage doors. We are able to supply timber garage doors for our garages if required. If you would like an alternative door we can help. Please contact us for your requirements